Tuesday, October 18, 2005


An Indian computer engineer with a passion for music was throwing a house-warming party in the Washington DC area. Among the guests were a couple of other Indian hi-tech workers with musical backgrounds and whom also had H-1B visas. Many of them arrived on the H-1B visa programme, which allows American companies to hire highly-skilled foreign workers.

They chatted, hit it off, and decided to make an album. They enlisted various musicians from the Washington area, and from India, to complete the studio sessions.

The result is an east-meets-west musical combination that the musicians who made it dub Curry Rock. It is a mix of grooves that sound like Indian ragas mixed with a They Might Be Giants vibe on the record's seven tracks, which are done in English, Hindi and Tamil.

Click the link to hear the results....


  1. Looks cool... I couldn't get the sounds to work... probably something on my end. Anyhoo, Alex is in Oregon with Jessie, Mcormick, Lesslie... I guess they had a big long recording session so I'm sure they put some good tracks together. I'll post an update when I hear something

  2. I've processed a few H-1B's. Fairly easy stuff. Andy, if you ever wanted to take a job in the U.S. we could probably get you over here on one.