Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Keep Cricket free!

My American brothers! Your help is needed. We supported your decision to invade Iraq, now return the favour! Just as the hangover clears from Englands Historic Ashes win over Her Majesty's prisoner colony of Austrialia, cricket fans face the prospect of a future without any free-to-air live coverage of home Test Cricket.

Under the latest TV rights deal, coverage of all England's Test Matches, as well as One Day Internationals and the next World Cricket Cup, will be provided exclusively by Sky Sports (Fox Netork) on a subscription only basis.

Click the title link and go sign the petition! KEEP CRICKET FREE! (And the Ozzie's down-under!)


  1. Great post! Privatization of sports on tv is a bitch... especially when its the national team. Are they going to get their own network to raise private funds for the cricket team? If the tv networks didn't think they could make money from this they probably wouldn't do it. How has football (soccer) survived over there... hasn't sky got a big monopoly on the weekend matches?

  2. Yeah, SKY own the prights to all EPL games as well as the division below too. European game sare split 50-50 between them and terrestrial TV and the FA is decreed by government as HAVING to be on the BBC....
    Premeirship clubs are facing something of a revolt at present though. Due to their own spiralling ticket costs and the saturation of TV coverage, on SKY or not, people are opting to stay at home rather than go to cold, windy stadiums. The FA are investingating whether tickt prices should be capped and TV coverage reduced to increase attendances....Newcastle have no such problems of course. Been to see "Goal" yet?
    Do i get a special birthday post?

  3. Is today your birthday? My bad... I'll have to add it to the database. Anyway, hope everything is well, go drink a pint of lager or five!

  4. It's sunday....c**tface.

    How about a blog re-jig? some new backgrounds or something?

  5. I'm working on an update to the blog... but I might hold off until the end of the year. I downloaded a new template from some dutch guy's site, but I need to customize it to make it my own.

    Also, if people update their profiles we could have little pics / images for the signatures... it's not hard... just get a picture up into flick and use the url for your profile pic. Oh yea, flickr is part of yahoo now so you can combine your log in / screen name. More to come... I can't find my stupid USB cable for my camera so I haven't been able to post new pics. Anyhoo.