Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Go Ronnie Go!

Originally uploaded by Jeah Dogg.

This last week of Major League Baseball should be awesome. In the AL Central, the White Sox lead the Indians by two games and the two teams finish up their seasons with a three game series at the Jake. In the AL East, NY and Boston finish their seasons with a series at Fenway. The Yanks and BoSox are tied with Cleveland for the AL wild card spot. The pennant race is officially on, so instead of watching the season premier of The O.C., you can watch history in the making.

Also, check out the Who Dey Song and the Who Dey Rap at the bottom of this site. The songs are cheesy but funny. Lobao, you ought to come up with something better using your techno - 4track - funky music making gadgets.


  1. This is the first time I've actually heard this song... reminds me of some crazy euro soccer team song. I can't stop laughing... Who Dey!!!!!

  2. I bought 14 Indians playoff tickets last week. So to say the least I'm hoping they make it. All it's gonna take is 2 wins over Chicago this weekend, this town is going off the chain.