Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Dirty South...

Any updates / pics from the recent trips down south? Witt, you met up with Gorman right, I take it you guys played some golf and drank a lot of beer... anything else interesting happen? Carter, how did the job interviews go... find a new employer...can you stop sucking off of MY tax dollars now(I'm kidding about that last part of course)? Did you and Witt meet up in the big D or what? How's about some juicy photos?

Traci and I went to the Iowa game on Saturday and spent more time working on the house. We should finish the upstairs soon (perhaps this weekend), which means we'll have an official house warming party in a couple of weeks. I've got some video's on my camera of the work in progress, and I'll be sure to put together a video montage of the home refinishing project. Also I've still got pics from the OSU Texas game that I've yet to post so look out for those soon.

Rock on!


  1. Witt came, saw, and conquered.. it was basically golf, bars, and bbq (sound familiar Joe?) - we managed to squeeze in 36 holes, not get hit by the Rita Runoff, and drink cans of Bud Light at the local sports bar. Unfortunately I didn't think to bring a camera out, but if I had, I definitely would've taken a picture of the guy with puke all over his face stumbling around downtown and asking for a lighter. Yummy. Witt and Joe have both made it down south and of course there's an open invite to anyone else brave enough to make the trip down..

  2. Sounds like a good time...Where's my bbq sauce Pat. Big Bob Gibson's is told to be the shit but if you know better please shed some light on the situation. Any help is tits.