Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sports update...

Stealing Joey's patented sports update... just thought I'd keep you updated.

NBA: Game 7 of the finals is tonight. It's the first game seven in 11 years. Overall the series has been "interesting" with 4 blowouts and a couple of barn burners. At this point I'm rooting for Detroit for geographic and socio/economic reasons... essentially I think it will mean more to the people of Detroit, even though its really insignificant compared to the urban decay they've been experiencing for the past 20-35 years. For the most part I'm just a fan of players; Manu rocks my world, Ben Wallace can play defense so hard he makes you cry, Sheed is Sheed, and Chauncey is Chauncey. I'm not a fan of Rip-Hamilton for the obvious Reggie Miller similarities (but the guy can stroke it).

Check out this page two "best basketball shoe of all time" tourney.

NFL: Craig Krenzel got signed by the Cincinasty Bengals. Was he in the same draft class as Carson Palmer? I'm sure those guys will have some interesting conversations (Carson: "My team would have crushed your team in the Fiesta Bowl and I would have thrown for a gazillion yards." Craig: "Maybe so, but I would have pulled some crazy run out of my ass in the fourth quarter, setting up Nuggent for a game winning kick from the moon"). In other backup quarterback news, the browns signed a second one in Doug Johnson. If you ask me Trent Dilfer is a career back up.

MLB: Sorry don't really follow it till October / November. I hear the Reds and Indians are still below average and the white sox have the best record in baseball.

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