Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Onion 2056

Don't know if you checked out the Onion today, but they've moved into the future. Their headlines today are from 2056. More good stuff as usual, even if it hasn't happened yet. Also we're about to pass 6000 visitors since November of 04, I'll have more on this later (it looks like our June numbers are on the up and up). Don't forget to spread the g-town word!

The pig roast will go down in less than two weeks, so start preparing your camping gear and anti sobriety equipment. I've been working on some .nerd technology that should allow for up to the minute g-town posting live from the event. We miss you brad, get back soon.


  1. I'm planning on a 4th July North Tynside Grill out on my balcony, complete with beer, BBQ and bongs...and pictures. Don't forget about me.

  2. Is the 4th a big holiday over there? Does the queen do something special like moon her once loyal subjects? Good work on the party... you'll be 5 hours ahead of us, so check out this page and the OPR pages for updates on the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd.

    The mo-blogger thing didn't work for you? Here's a tutorial... this really makes me want to get a camera phone, the tech geek inside of me can't wait for Q4 to get here. As I mentioned earlier Nokia is launching some new CDMA phones (Verizon & Sprint run on this network) so maybe verizon will actually get some cool phones... it's all comes back to posting stuff here.

  3. Why would the Queen of England celebrate American Independance day?
    It may be on the weekend before that i actually have the BBQ/beer session. Weather permitting.
    I've got a camera phone, but it's jsut a generic 1.3 megapixel. If you seriously wanna replace your digital camera spend to cash and get a 3 or 4 megapixel one, plus a huge ass 1gb SD memory card

  4. Sarcasm. And you know about our weak dick phones over here, I guess we as consumers don't really care, or the cell-phone companies are making enough money and don't really need to offer crazy cell phones to rake in the cash.

    Here's another UK band... not sure where their from, the Futureheads... syncopated garage rock... stuff that I'd probably write if I were in a full fledged band.