Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Precious Memories…

Not sure how new this is, but I recently discovered that you can see satellite imagery of a lot more places than the US. For example, Iraq. This is the sweet-ass palace I had the misfortune of staying in for about a month. If you pan north you can see the parade field and Iraqi tomb of the unknown soldier. They even have imagery of Fallujah farther west. This is the MEK compound we stayed in while I was there, formerly occupied by a group of Iranian Islamic women terrorists fighting the Iraqi regime (hotties every last one).

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  1. I had heard google added "the rest of the world" but I haven't really played around with it. These are insane. There are also a number of "google hack pages" which people have used to display data on-top of a google map, here's one that got attention from the national media chicagocrime.org. A guy downloaded chicago crime stats and used the google map api to map stuff. The CPD evidently is working with him and may provide more recent data.