Tuesday, June 28, 2005

NBA draft tonight @ 7:30pm EST

The NBA draft is being held tonight in New York. ESPN has the coverage begining at 7:30pm EST... not that I'll be watching. I really haven't spent too much time looking following this years draft, but I did stumble on a preview article from CBS sports-line. Also ESPN has the draft order on their main NBA page. The only thing I really know about this year's draft is the number of UNC players leaving early after winning the National Championship. Anyhoo, it looks like the Cavs don't have a first rounder this year... so unless Ira Newbel learns how to shoot, or Drew Gooden lives up to his expectations the cavs will likely be in need of free agent talent.

By the way... the cavs hired Danny Ferry to be their new GM. I'm guessing he'll have a better eye for NBA tallent than the brother of a former NBA player.

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  1. sorry about the links, I guess the training facility went through a proxy or something. Anyhoo looks like Bogut, the aussie went first.