Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Let the count down begin...

Wake up wake up, its the first of the month! The pig roast is a month away and I found out over the weekend that Alex Hastie will not be in attendance. This got me thinking, who else will / will not make it? Drop a comment if you know of people who will not attend. I assume Jared will make the trip, along with Nowa, Nate Dogg, G-man, and Joey-o. What about Carter... who else am I forgetting? A group of people spent some time down at the farm over the holiday weekend, renovating the outhouse and taking care of the grounds. Check out the flickr pig-roast page which was recently updated by Ed's Fantasy (aka Ed's buddy Shaen). Also, please visit the pig-roast page and click on the banners... the proceeds from the g-town banner also supports the roast with the most so do your part!


  1. Loganhat Bam also uploaded some recent pictures from the pig-roast to flickr... check'em out here...

    Loganhat Bam's photos

  2. No Alex? What's his excuse?