Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Don't Stop Rockin

Our D-o-double-g's from Audioslave landed on top of music charts this week.. good to see some of the bands whose music has enhanced our lives throughout the years not completely succumbing to old age and classic status.

In other news, Limp Biscuit released an album a month ago. Who knew? It stands at number 195 on the charts with a whopping total of 63,000 copies sold (Audioslave sold 263,000 last week). I'm willing to bet more people than that downloaded his most recent "video" in about five minutes - I'm lookin at you Lobao.


  1. You've got me pegged. I picked up the new Audio Slave album and I must say Tom Morello is a Guitar hero, He's bringing the solo back to hard-rock. Also I picked up a copy of Fred's home video... but had no idea limp was coming out with a new album. Judging from the title of the album (The unquestionable truth Pt 1.) they might have a second disk coming out in a month, ala use your illusion.

    Speaking of double disk... system of a down is doing a similar thing. I don't have the first disk yet but I might get it in a few minutes.

    I've been buying a couple of obscure albums a month now thanks to i-tunes. Hey brit do you recommend the new oasis album? I picked up kaiser chiefs... they're ok, a poor man's franz ferdinand. Still waiting for new Chili peppers & Tool... always will.

  2. I hear you on waitin for the new RHCP and Tool. Let me know if you stumble across anything worth buying - I'm starving for decent music.. to the extent that I bought the new Green Day album, and to the extent that I actually listen to it.

    I picked up NIN's new one - it's got four or five really good songs.. almost makes me want to pull out that double album they released awhile back and give it a second chance.. almost.