Thursday, May 26, 2005


Here's a chart showing page views and visits to G-town over the last year. I added the site tracker towards the end of November, hence the 0s early on. There's a good positive trend beginning in December and all the way through March, but since then the readership has declined. I know personally I've been visiting less and posting less and I think it's mainly due to the change in seasons. Anyone have any other thoughts or explanations? Right now we average about 30 visits a day... we were up near 40 in the middle of march.

Also if you can think of other people who'd be interested send them the link. Oh yea, joey, how was your Alabama trip? I heard you had some car trouble in the blue grass state. Any photographic evidence?

Ed, you should post a summary of books you've read over the last two weeks... spread that knowledge!


  1. My excuse for not posting more has been actually having work to do for the past couple of months. But, come June, things should get easier right up until July where it will suck again until mid-Aug. Mid-Aug to mid-Sept is the most boring time of year for me. But at least football season will start around that time.

  2. Now that I'm done with school I should be able to post more. The key is having stuff to write about/post.