Tuesday, May 17, 2005

PS3 Breaks Cover!

Sony has ubnvield it's new Play Station 3 calling it "a supercomputer for computer entertainment"!


  1. I was planning on buying one while reading the article, then I read this sentence:

    Developers are aiming to combine processing power and realistic graphics to better convey emotions and create what one game maker described as a truly immersive, living, breathing world.

    I think the PS3 might be too good. To the point where I would crack out for weeks at a time without any real human contact. Actually, it sounds a lot like studying for finals...

  2. Yea, it looks like the "next-gen" systems are making the 8-bit to 16-bit jump all over again. I'm still not sure which system I'd want. The x-box has a more emursive online component... essentially they have thier own service so it runs nice and smooth and they might offer a movie download service. Also the x-box supports custom playlists, and allows you to hook up an Ipod or other mp3 player to stream your music. Anyway check out this link and scroll down to the bottom to watch some videos of upcoming ps3 games... killzone is good (think futureistic medal of honor)... and if you've got time do the game demo showcase 2... the last game will blow you away.