Friday, May 27, 2005

On pace for 70

Yesterday I shot a 35 over nine holes. Honestly. Never mind the fact that it was par 27 and the average hole distance was about 120 yards. I'm still saying I was on pace for 70!

Gorman can back me up when I say that last Saturday I was on pace for about 170. We played one of the nicect courses in Huntsville, and it was apparently also one of the most difficult. I lost about 6 balls and gave up when it starting getting dark on the 16th. Gorman, what did you shoot... low 90's?

My trip down to Bama was somewhat eventful, unfortunately. Just north of Bowling Green Kentucky my car started acting up. The radio shut off and my cruise control wouldn't work. I drove a few more miles and when I would get over about 60 mph my speedometer would drop to zero and I would start coasting with no acceleration and no electric. I called my brother and he guessed it was the alternator, he said they usually cost about $50. I pulled off onto a Bowling Green exit about 20 miles north of Tennessee and found an auto repair place connected to a gas station. My brother was right, it was the alternator. The good news was they fixed it in about an hour. The bad news was they charged me $311. When I heard the quote I knew it was a rip-off, but stranded in BFE-Tucky, I really did not feel like "shopping around."

The rest of my trip went without a hitch. We got drunk Friday and hit up the thriving metropolis that is Huntsville. Saturday we met some cool locals at a random bar. They pulled a Nowa and blazed a spliff on the front patio. I hope to make it back again soon... as long as you buy some friggin' furniture Pat.

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  1. That's damn impressive... I've only been to the driving range once this year so I have no clue what I would shoot... I'm guessing at least an average of 2-3 strokes more than you per hole. Sounds like you had a good time, I'm looking forward to making the trip as well. Too bad about the car though... however, your Altima has far out lasted Ed's and Alex's. Ed do you still own that car? Maybe you could salvage some parts from it for Joey's ride? If you could get it to steve's place I'm sure his neighbor could find a place to store it.