Tuesday, May 03, 2005

House keeping

originally uploaded by Jeah Dogg.
Here's another example image that shows what flickr offers, first a different way to format pictures when you post them compared to hello. This image also shows off commenting, tags, and notes (the little boxes in the pictures).

Hopefully everyone noticed the flickr picture bots to the side of the blog. I just thought I'd explain how they work a little. The first set are four square thumbnails that are randomly selected from my flickr photo-stream.

Next is the google add-bar. Every time you click on one I/we will receive a micro-payment. I don't expect to make any money from this and if it does I'll probably just send it to the pig-roast.

The final element is the flickr daily zeitgeist, which shows the most recent photos uploaded by me and my contacts. That means you if you accepted my invite and now have a flickr account, your recent pictures will appear.

I'm sure most of you gave up on this post a while ago, but remember flickr is in beta so its they're still working out the bugs, oh yea and its a 'yahoo company' so once it goes big time expect their stock price to rise.


  1. One last bit of house keeping, if you ever encounter a problem with blogger being down or not running properly check the status link here http://status.blogger.com/
    Also let me know if you ever have problems loading the page, at work I have problems loading it in IE, I think because of security settings.

  2. Hey Cocknose. How do i post videos? could i use the work server here to host the video clip? Naughty i know, but is they're another way?

  3. Brad or gorman might be able to help you if your going to post it from work... Your going to need some sort of web interface... maybe you can set up a hidden / ftp folder and we could get to it through that (although that might open up some security issues. I set up an account at streamload.com. Then I just copy the download links from my personal downloads and post those... anyway get some pictures loaded into your flickr account... its been a while since I've seen a good 'Andy at the club pic'.