Monday, May 02, 2005

2.5 days left

Cinco de Mayo is around the corner. So, dont know if there are volunteers to hit Don Pablo's a little early to claim some spots particular a table so we can chill and drink margartias....then hit the tents later in the evening.

Shot out to Witten if he is still in the blogger accessiblity for a great party!! and congrads once again.

Shout out to Erock GOD of the blogger to send a link so Nate Doggy dogg so he has the ablity to actually post.

Spoke to Gorman last night made it safely to the dirty south in 7 Hour 45 mins and no speeding tickets....however he did start to hear a weird raddling noise when he turned onto lane ave. But that didnt stop his determinations to drive the 8 hours with NO AAA.

I guess thats enough blogging for now...see everyone thursday.

The one the only Asian Dream


  1. Margartias sound good, but I probably won't be able to make the trip with my FINAL exams looming in the near future.

  2. Margaritas & Corona... what a combo! Hopefully it warms up on Thursday. I can probably get there around 7:00, do they serve food?

    Also I sent an invite to Nate Dogg, we'll see if we can convert him over to the blog-side. Oh yea, and someone's got to set up a flickr account so I won't feel so lonely. It offers a ton of new ways to organize photos... and those little widgets to the side of the blog will grab your pictures too once you've got them loaded.