Friday, January 28, 2005

Taken care of business

It's Friday which means there's plenty of stuff on the weekend agenda. First, the Columbus Tackle Football Destroyers are making their home debut tonight with the legendary Chirs Spielman behind the bench for the first time in his career. Witt, P.G. and I don't have tickets but are planning to attend. What do you guys think should we get tickets now or wait till we get there? After the game I'm up for anything... we'll be in close proximity to a number of cool bars so I say we keep it Krunk and go somewhere close to the Arena.

Also, FYI... Terry Gross will be interviewing James 'I had to go to rehab because I'm METAL' Hetfield today on 'Fresh Air' an NPR radio show (90.5 FM in Columbus). The show runs from 3:00 - 4:00pm in C-bus, so if you have a radio and like to bang your head check it out.

Other than that, here is a another video from the England trip by request of Andy Da Brit. It shows Alan Shearer the so called 'Angel of the North' scoring off a penalty kick in the early minutes of the first half. The video has sound so listen for the deafening Geordies going wild. This clip was taken at a higher resolution than the last one so its a little bigger (almost 10 meg).

Anyway, drop some comments and lets figure out this destroyers game shnap... and if I don't see you this weekend I'll be sure to drink a pint for ya!

Alan Shearer Scores 400th Career Goal and Geordies go Crazy.avi


  1. At this point me mightas well wait and get em at the gate.. we can check out the scalpers and see if we can't get lower bowl seats at upper bowl prices..

    What time (and where) should we meet up at? Should we try to squeeze in a drink before the game? Witt and I are free all day - what time can everyone else get down there? I'm all for hangin out in the district after the game too..

  2. I'm up for a pregame drink but the timing it might be difficult. I'll be ready to go around 6:00 at the earliest. What about the brad, seth, james crew? This is going to be great, no food + multiple beers at a sporting event = good times!

  3. I heard on the radio this morning there's only 1500 tickets left. Scalpers will probably be the best option. Seth, James and I are going to meet at our house at 6 for others who want to join.

    Oh yeah, Chris Spielman called me yesterday. Well a recording. He wanted me to come support the Destroyers at their home opener tonight. It was a pretty boss message.

  4. I'm inclined to go down there with the Fairview crew. At the same time it would be nice if us three could get tickets together... which means either getting there at the same time, meeting down there, getting them at the box office and leaving with will call (anything's possible). PG / Witt, do you think you'll go down a little earlier for a drink? Going over to Grandview is kinda out of Witt's way... not a ton but it can be annoying in the afternoon.

  5. I haven't talked to Witt yet - I'm assuming he's still good to go, but he was Down With The Sickness last night - although made it clear he still wanted to go. If he's still going, I'd guess we'll probably make our way down there a little earlier.. we can grab the tickets when we get there and then rendezvous before heading into the stadium..

  6. Sounds like a plan. Only one question, where the hell is Ed, when the hell is he coming back, and why won't he stand up for his right to smoke in Columbus? (o.k. three questions)

  7. Ed's MIA - there's a vicious rumor floating around that he may not make it back this weekend.. grrr. I talked to Witt - he's good to go - so we'll meet you guys down in front of the arena - two beers deep and tickets in hand. Who's bringing the chest paint and headbands?