Thursday, January 27, 2005

From left: Andy, Helen, Jo (another O.S.U. geography grad), Adam (Jo's boyfriend), and yours truly. This was taken at a club in London before we went downstairs to the basement dance floor where we 'threw out some shapes' to the crazy euro-beats. Actually the D.J. played a couple of old school hip-hop tracks from our high-school days (a Dr. Dre song and Pharcide 'I got 5 on it'... which caused a lot of people to roll their eyes and stop dancing). Also check out the Red-Stripe bottles, they're not the typical little jugs we get over here. Posted by Hello


  1. Didn't the Luniz sing "I got 5 on it"? Either way, there was like 5 remixes of that song, so they both probably did.

  2. Get the Shearer video posted...thats the best

  3. I think your right Joey... they also played 'I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller...' Andy I'll try to post the Shearer video today. FYI Alan Shearer is a legendary English Footballer and I've got him on tape scoring his 400th career goal. It's a cool video, you can see him setting up for the penalty and once it goes through the crowd goes crazy.

    One more thing before I go... don't forget the robot dance man.