Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Thursday afternoon sledding?

Only two more days of winter shenanigans separate us from spending quality time with our family's. From the 15 minutes I've looked out a window today it looks like we're getting a good amount of snow. Which means we should get together for one of the following...

1) Snow-bowl: nothing says fun like running a pump and go route in 4 inches of snow.

2) Sledding: Brad's got the boogie boards and Seth's got a shovel. Which means we can pull some sick air as other 10 year olds look on in amazement.

3) Crazy donut driving: All you need is an open parking lot and your ready for a solid hour of entertainment.

Anyway, just thought I'd get your creative juice's flowing. I've got to go into work tomorrow till 12:00, but after that I'm fair game. Also here's a link to a story which defuncts the claim that the videogame industry is bigger than Hollywood. Anyway, I've always got videogames on the brain so sorry if these types of story always find their way into my posts.

One last thing... I'm planning some changes to the blog around new years to keep things fresh. Actually, now that I think about it maybe these updates should coincide with first year anniversary of G-town Love. Looking at the archive, the first post is dated January 25th 2004... Hard to imagine it's been around that long?

Anyway, hope everyone has a wonderful holiday where ever you are and whatever you do...
BE REAL SON! Oh yea, cool pictures Andy, your work party looked like a ton of fun.

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