Friday, December 03, 2004

Late night Blog-Tacular

Im up late watching the Cavs just staight throttle the Car-Mentrate Anthony led Nuggets. ... So Id figure I'd Blog. I FUCKING LOVE THE CAVS. It sure beats studying. I jsut finished my last class of this semester today. So Im 1 semester away...

THe BS thing is, after 15 weeks of classes you only feel like the semester is 50% done. Finals suck the big one. I cant wait for a few weeks of normalcy in C-Bus. That means: Dart Night, Wing Night, Brisket night, Gorman?[Can it be true?], making $$$, etc., Hen-diggity's, etc.

Lobao when are you going to England. You are lucky to get to go to the Newcastle South Hampton Game. My roommate is a Premership Junkie. We watched Arsenal Liverpool last night. Who Does Owen Play for? THe Brit I think that is your territory.

The Cavs lineup finishing out the game is hilarious: Luke Jackson [Even the Nug fans want him to shoot], Varajeo [looks like Sideshow Bob], Pavlovic [a baller in the Making -USSR style], Lucious Harris [No Comment], and Eric "I Hate Ryan Dempsey" Snow.

Brad did you get my email "treat"?...My brother forwarded me a picture from a feminist rally with signs,etc. A guy is holding a sign that says "Clean my DIshes, BITCH!". I'll Pass it along.

Well back to Employment law.

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