Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Turkey for you, turkey for me...

So tomorrow is thanksgiving. I hope everyone has a happy holiday and eats as much as humanly possible. Also, just to get you in the mood I thought I'd mention what I'm thankful for...

-Being alive and well, with no broken bones or damaged limbs.
-Having family and friends who I care about and family and friends who care about me (aww... that was for Traci).
-Having a job and a steady stream of income.
-Dominating the annual Turkey bowl game both physically and mentally (Ed knows what I'm talking about... "twins left, z-under, on three!!!"
-My fully functional liver which I will pumel tonight (probably at Byrnes... I suspect no dart night?)
-The blogg and fellow bloggers... G-town Love 4-life!

Also, I'd like to see some photographic evidence from Pat's thanksgiving in Taiwan. I guess this is old hat for you... how hard is it to buy a butterball frozen turkey in the far east? I'm sure you could get a nice juicy one from a market.

One last thing... I'll be going to England this January to visit Andy the Brit (ATB). Tickets to Europe are dirt cheap right now, if your willing to fly during the week. Anyone else got plans for winter travel? What about midnight madness at madriver Mtn?

Drop it like it's HOT!

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