Friday, November 26, 2004


Today is typically the "biggest shopping day of the year" so I hope everyone does their part. I'm starting off this Friday like I would a Saturday or a Sunday, at Stauf's, with Traci and my oversized Jumbo lap-top. I hope everyone had a good turkey day... I'm sure most of you are away from a computer and won't be able to post but hey, if you've got a good story, i.e. Grandma got too loaded, I'm sure everyone would enjoy it. Mine was prety straightforward... nothing too interesting, although my mom did consume three rather large vodka & tonics and was noticeably altered. Anyhoo, not much to say... its gotten really f-ing cold, and tomorrow is the Turkey bowl!!

Oh yea, check out this web site... its Bobby Clarke's music sight. Traci found a little flyer for him here at stauf's and it has a little link for his site. You can download some clips from his album... looks like he's on a label.

Also I just found this... a Tom Clancy video game is being banned by North Korea, due to its storyline of future US, North Korea conflict. If you can, check out the North Korean's response South Korea bans Ghost Recon 2. This game looks like it could replace SOCOMII for me... wow, I wonder if anyone actually read this post this far... ROCK OUT!!!

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