Thursday, May 20, 2004

Advanced European Civilisation

Hello...what, what!! Soz about the lack of blogables from me recently, been trying to secure a source of income other than free governmental unemployment benefit and scamming money from British National Newspapers who buy faked tortured iraqi prisoner photo's. Decided to go straight and get a real job. Interviewed with those nonces 'daan sooowff' but despite there generous compensation (including car of my choosing, within reason) i thkn i'll have to say no. Fear of turning gay, or just talking like a 'waaaaaaaanker, governor' is enough to put me off.
Anyway, i thought i may entertain you boys (and traci) with the lastest chart hits here on the british pop parade, so you can look cool to your mates.
First comes 'Snow Patrol'. soft roc, of the coldplay mould, but not quite as good. heavily backed by their label they have glossy videos, backcombed hair and angst ridden love-rock; but don't impart the same sense of talent on their instruments and from their front men as apple's dad does.
Next comes Natasha Beddingfield, brother of David. She has picked up the handba of 'girl power' found by the spice girls and swung around by destiny's child. BUt rather than brushing off the dirt and prissy it up, she shoves it in your face and doesn't care for the steroetype. Although easy to dismiss any track by a female title 'independance' as girl power, this actually is a unique sounding and genre busting tune. good summer anthem whatever your chromosomes.
Finally, 'The Scissor Sisters'...actually a bunch of blokes. Not sure about these fellas. Synth heavy with frampton-style voice mod's, tough boy lyrics, but often cliche'd and too bouncy in its rhythem to be menacing. strange mix that you either like or don't.
Until next time pop-pickers....over and out.

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