Sunday, May 23, 2004

Sunday afternoon, sipp'n some coffee...

Its a beautiful Sunday afternoon here in Columbus, its just under 80 degrees, there's a nice breeze, the sun is shining and its not too humid... but its humid. Anyway I'm chilling at the cup-o-joe at the end of the street, maxing and relaxing. Its nice to hear from everyone... anybody got some cool shit happening... Jared, did I hear you got a new job? Brit boy, sounds like you'll be doing some good GIS stuff in Britain some time soon. As for me I'm just coasting along... actually I've got to move out in the next couple of weeks and I've been looking for places... the equation comes down to space * location = cost * comfortablity. I looked at a one bedroom crack shack for 350 a month... and lets just say anything I left in there would probably be up for grabs by the neighbors. I also looked at a couple of two bedroom town-home type deals, and nothing really jumped out at me. I'll probably come to some sort of a decision next weekend. Actually next weekend I might try to make a trip to the badlands off road park in Atica Indiana. They've got all sorts of off road trails with various difficulty ratings... kind of like rapids. Anyhoo, people with stockers (a car with no modifications, i.e. mine) can only go on specific trails.

I'd like to recruit a couple of other jeep owning people, so who knows if I'll go next weekend or not, but once this summer I'd like to go. If and or when I'll be sure to take some crazy pictures for posting to the blog. Alright people, let me know if those of you state side have anything planned for memorial day... crap, once I said those words, memorial day I remembered about the golf tournament here... oh well maybe I'll go on Friday, maybe I won't. Keep it real people.

Oh yea, one more thing... Ed is living the dream in Mexico... so if, by chance he drops some blog... it would be a beautiful thing. PEACE!

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