Friday, April 16, 2004

Big Friday

So whats shake'n all across the nation? Give me a shout out and fill me in on everyone's Friday night plans... Andy, you gonna hit up the Pubs, then the clubs, then end it with a kibab or meat pie? Brad I think we mentioned going to watch Kill Bill 2... that sounds good to me, I'd like to save the liver for next weekend when the farewell parties kick off. Speaking of farewell parties, I get the feeling that all of this mean its time to be boring... i.e. old. Anyway Jared... if your out there... let me know what you doing this weekend, let me guess, your going fishing for salmon and your not bringing any fishing poles cause your gonna catch'em in your mouth bear style. I think I can guess what Ed's gonna do... get wasted, meet some freak of a girl at a bar, and get her to strip at your brother's house, while you play SOCOM... mmmmmm SOCOM. Me, I've got big computer nerd plans for the weekend...

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