Friday, April 16, 2004

Beer can't satisfy me anymore.....

...not after what i jsut watched. I've just been spritually enriched. I now demand a higer form of pleasure. I just watched an example of the most addictive and hedonistic of past football. and out of that example a messiah was born. his name.....Thierry Henry.
I just watch Arsenal smack 5 past Leeds united. and of those 5 i watch Henry out away 4. FOUR. FOUR delightful, divine, delicious goals. Never in my life have I seen a player score so effortlessly. I've seen a player score four, Ole Gunnar Skolksaar did in a few years back for Man Utd. And people went on about Gary Lineker being a natural goal scorer. But tonight i saw right footed goals, left footed goals, goals placed into the corner of the net while sprinting at full greased lightening speed, and a penalty taken with such arrogance it was simply sensational to behold.
Despite my natural inclination to hate arsenal, I like football. and i love what i saw tonight. I just had to share it with you.

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