Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Old shoes

I awoke to a text at 5:50 this morning from Erick, God bless him. It was about old shoes. This is a subject I'll be happy to chat about any time. Since I'm at work on the day before Thanksgiving with absolutely nothing to do, I told him I would do this post in response.He asked about Air 180 and Huarache. Sorry, I have to start with a side-note. This weekend is the big rivalry game. There is a chance that the Buckeyes will be forced by Nike to wear some strange "Combat Rivalry" uniform.
That also could mean that the Vapor Jet gloves could be on sale again. I say again, because they usually sell out on the first day. Then you can find them on Ebay for a lot more money. I think you can find them pretty easily on the web Saturday, but gone after that. I doubt our wives look at this much, but if they did, these gloves make a sweet XMas present. Back to Shoes. Just Nike ones for now, since we wouldn't care about shoes if it weren't for Nike. Jordan's aren't the ultimate.
That's right. The Nike Mag is the ultimate. Its the shoe that never existed until last year. Even though we heard about it first saw them on the feet of a kid from Hill Valley, named Marty McFly in 1989, they're not supposed to be out until 2015. They really came out last year for charity up for auction on ebay only with the proceeds going to Parkinson's research. I think they made only 1000. Maybe they will come out again in 2015. The Nike shoes made famous by a non-athlete.
Visible air pockets first arrived on the Air Max in '87. The Nike Air 180 showed the air pocket on the bottom in addition to the sides.
I'm a fan of the Pegasus, which came out in '83, I think. I currently wear the re-released 25th anniversary edition. Next year they turn 30, so maybe they will have a kick-ass throwback again. They made another Pegasus 25 that you could customize on the store. Pegasus was also the first Nike to have the ACG label.
Then came the Huarache. If you have a Nike shoe without a tongue in it, then you probably admit that its one of the most comfortable shoes you've ever had. Bam - You never needed a tongue in your shoe to begin with. This thing went away for some dumb reason, but its back now and looks nearly the same. What happens when you put ACG and Huarache together? Double rainbow all the way. I had a pair of these. They inspired me to hike to the moon. What an adventure!
What other Nikes are worth mentioning? (or worth forgetting)?



    These are the shoes I was referring to. I dominated some basketball camp while borrowing your pair.

  2. Oh yeah. I had those. There was no excuse for me having them, other than "awesome".

  3. Best excuse ever!!!!

  4. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Jimmy had a number of those shoes above, not sure if it made him fly any higher. But it didnt improve his game at all. :)