Monday, May 21, 2012


This looks like the kind of thing that has been on the blog before, but it was just brought to my attention and I thought I'd share it will you all.
Friday night I sent an email to an artist I heard on Pandora, Seth Augustus, suggesting that he look up Woodlands if he comes to town. He responded and for some reason mentioned a link to this Theo Jansen fellow...and here we are.

Check it out.  There are a bunch of creations.  You can buy your own miniature for $75.  No problem.

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  1. wow. This sort of reminds me of "steam-punk" type designs. A sort of mix up of old / new technology... it'd be sweet if these sort of things could be used to do "real productive work".

    Having little autonomous, green powered bots to clean up beaches or harvest crops would be cool.