Saturday, November 26, 2011


Yeah it seems like most of Metallica's new stuff blows. But last night at the Blue Jackets game it sounded like And Justice for All as their intro song before the game started and it was bad ass. The 5-1 victory was nice too. I read a blurb in Sports Illustrated before the game about how the new pickup Wiesnewski was overpaid and how Carter was asking for a trade. Both had great games though.

On the subject of sports, it is unusual to see the Bengals in a strategically good position for a few years to come. Andy Dalton has been impressive to say the least. Anyone who watched him in TCU's win over Wisconsin last year in the bowl game shouldn't be surprised. And with several first and second round draft picks in the near future they should get better.

Seth - I liked your post on the Grandview football team. I think I went to their previous playoff game in about 87 when they lost to Portsmouth Notre Dame. I hope they have a good coaching staff that can continue the winning ways.

And who cares that OSU will probably get lit up by Michigan today. If we get Urban Meyer it should be awesome. I can't wait to see what one of his offenses will do in the Big Ten.

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