Thursday, October 27, 2011

Some Bobcat pride...

October 28th 2011 will be a day of firsts.

Your Grandview Bobcats will be facing Liberty Union for the Mid State League, Cardinal Division Championship.
It will be the first time in the history of the known universe that the Grandview Bobcats will play for a regular season record of 10-0. And the first shot at an undefeated regular season since 1955.
"Good morning Grandview campers." was 9-0-1 in '79. That was the first year we played Liberty Onion and we won 40-6.(The tie was a 0-0 barn burner vs. W. Jeff.). Can anyone guess how many of those we've had since 1915?

As always it's byob & chair. I'll have cooler space and the large grill out. I'll do at least 40 Hotdogs. Fire pit will be going so bring 1 log from your pile if you have one and we will be good all night. Those of you more vulnerable to the fall chill should bring 2. Dress accordingly. This is a rain or shine event.

If anyone has particular requests or questions please contact me via text.

P.S. - If any of you multi-vehicle homes would like to park a vehicle on Fairview during the day that would be great. The more parking we control in front of and adjacent to my house, the better. It will be at a premium tomorrow night and we can move cars to improve the view or charge for parking.

And if you guessed 11 all time 0-0 ties you were right. Robin Priday, '55-'66, managed it twice. Both times to Urbana, in '57 and '65. He and Bill Brown hold the record for tenure as coach at 12 years.

Worst of all time you ask? None other than Harry Hauenstein. One win in two years, '74-'75.

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  1. Totally crazy. How did you come up with the stats? It'd be interesting to see historical performance of the other sports teams? Not sure if I'll be there tomorrow night, but I'll be the in spirit!!

  2. Here!s what Larry larson posted on Facebook:

    The Grandview Bobcats - I have spent 45 of my 68 years working for and involved with the Grandview schools, so it is my honor to congratulate the Bobcat Football team on a wonderful and memorable season and the Boys Soccer team on reaching the District Finals again. I coached football at Grandview for 17 years, 7 as head coach and no one except the coaches, team members and former players can understand what it takes to accomplish what these Bobcats have. Winning every game is beyond difficult and leaves no room for error. This Grandview team has provided great thrills for the community and the countless people that call Grandview their own. When I was head coach I had a Bobcat speech I delivered to my team before each game. It was something like, "Unlike the lion who is king of the jungle or the tiger, who is big and strong, the bobcat is a little animal. But let me tell you about a bobcat - he will claw and scratch and fight and do anything to succeed. Let's be real Bobcats! For all of you who are part of the team or just Grandview fans, savor the moments of tomorrow night, good luck against Liberty Union and always, always be real Bobcats.

  3. Lions' pride doesn't compare to Bobcat pride. You can't find anything like it anywhere (except Athens). I'm really excited to see everyone on the thanksgivin' week.

    PS posting from you phone is hard