Monday, May 02, 2011

Rest in Peace Gene

As you may have heard, Nick's Grandpa Gene passed away last week. Today the Dispatch ran a great article about his life and times at OSU.  If any of you had the priviledge of meeting him, you know what a great guy he was.  I was lucky enough to hang out with him on numerous occasions.

He had some great stories. Ill never forget the story of his 42 national championship ring.  Its hard to dislike Tressel after hearing that story.  I also had the honor of eating lunch with him at the "Legends Club" before a Browns game.  We had probably 50-100 people come up to the table to pay their respects to Gene. It was thrilling.

I know Nick and his family will miss their grandfather/father and that he was a lot more than an All-American and successful coach at OSU, but I still think it's great he was honored by the Dispatch. Read the article here.

Also, if you want to see him run for the a sick touchdown, click here.


  1. Very cool article. Didn't realize he got into education after his playing career. Seems like he had a long career in central Ohio and I'm sure saw lots of changes over the years.

  2. Damn I didn't realize he played basketball for the Bucks and also still holds the record for longest run from scrimmage in OSU history - 89 yards (Dan Herron tied it last year).

  3. He was such a cool dude. Had hands the size of cinder blocks, always smiled, and always had the best Woody Hayes stories.

    One time he said they lost a Rose Bowl (gene was an assistant under Woody for 11 years) and all the coaches had to go back to the hotel after the game to watch film and discuss what went wrong. So Gene was the first guy back to the hotel (the rest of the coaches took their SWEET time) and it was just him and WOody in the room. Woody was pacing back and forth, cussing under his breath and acting like he was going to blow a gasket. Gene was just totally silent when Woody stormed over to the window and opened it. Gene was sure Woody was going to jump and that he would be blamed for killing Hayes. Right then some other coaches came in, thus saving Gene from the murder charge.