Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Alert

Nail any two things together and someone will buy it. Here's the Xperia Play (Playstation Phone). Its available next week from Verizon for $200. Now your personal data can be hijacked on the go! I wonder what this will do for the PSP sales. Where's my Skype and GoogleTV on the PS3?!


  1. Happy Birthday Jared!

  2. Word Happy B-Day. Is this your b-day present? FYI the PSP can do skype... I know audio calling is supported but I'm not sure if their camera accessory is supported for video calling in skype.

    Also skype recently added video calling to their iPhone client and is compatible with 3GS and the 4th gen iPod touch.

    Although on the 3gs it might not work ideally due to the no front facing camera deal.



    There's a link on this page if you want to skype me via your desktop.

    One more link (NBA JAM SOUNDBOARD) Requires Flash... SAD APPLE FACE!

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