Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What's going on...

Here's a post with more random "link bait" for people to enjoy.

Not sure if you've heard about the iOS location tracking "fiasco" at this point it's really a non issue and here's an article summarizing why.

Here's another link showing one person's experience extracting the data and mapping it out... in short this guy has never been inside the Pentagon, but according to his location log he's been there several times.  (lots of nice maps in this one).

File this one under the "you could have fooled me" category.  Columbus apparently is a Top Sustainable City.  Seems more like we won a marketing challenge.

And here's one more post to designed to prove the classic "Mac vs PC" stereotype.  I think this also says something about Hunch's audience.  Hunch is an online survey / questionnaire site.  Cool "Infographics".


  1. The Hunch blog was pretty interesting, not too surprising either.

    Here's another Apple article. Greenpeace names Apple ‘least green’ tech company Ironic. Al Gore is on their board of directors.

    Also, make sure you read your user agreement. Otherwise you might get your mouth sewn to someone's asshole. A courtesy lick? You're going to fuck me without even a courtesy lick?????

  2. That episode was hilarious...

    Interesting timing for the green thing. The company I work for was named one of Canada's greenest employers...