Thursday, November 18, 2010

Philly (Ed's Recollection)

***That Philly trip was so epic, my response deserves it's own post (this started as a comment)... Also, I wrote this Before looking at the set list.  Brad... There is a great picture of you an I walking in there... FIND IT! The headline is a video from the concert.

That trip was epic -

The dude at the mattress store went to kent state for 2 years... Loved it, but got crabs.

We almost took Haris' car but none of us new how to drive to stick, he tried to show me in the COnvo parking lot, and then said this is stupid.

The mechanic was foreign, his brother was a prof at OSU

It was the first time I ever heard Metallica "finish" Master of Puppets (I was yelling "FINISH IT" over and over like I always did) ... I made Hetfield laugh during the "Dedicated to... How Im _________ you" portion of the song with a certain hand gesture. Not quite like "You may not remember this but on August 7, 1994, in Portland Oregon... We made Eye Contact" but still sweet.

We kept a quote book on that trip... I believe the saying "Id like to watch her eat" was coined on that trip...

They played Damage, Inc. for the first time I ever saw it...

We went to Barnacle Ben's, and got the Deep Fried everything (including the box) dinner for take out. it was all free due haris' years of child labor.

I WRECKED his brothers bathroom post deep fried smorgasboard...

And, Jared was Full Muffin that trip... Youll never win an Oscar as full muffin, its HALF Muffin...

I always had this trip over Gorman...

I think we got super lost on the way home due a detour that led us in 45 mile jaunt to nowhere. OR maybe that was some other trip which deserves it own post.

I had a test the next day.

DAMN, that was good times.
Carpe Diem Baby Jam

The Four Horsemen
Of Wolf and Man
The Thing That Should Not Be
The Memory Remains
King Nothing
Bleeding Me
No Remorse
Am I Evil?
Stone Cold Crazy

The Wait
Master of Puppets

Tuesday's Gone Jam
Damage Inc.


  1. We got lost somewhere around Youngstown. There was a detour which moved us around OH-7. After about an hour or so it was obvious we'd been there before. After realizing we needed a new route, we changed drivers while it was snowing. Someone was out in the cold wearing just boxers since he "doesn't ride well in pants."

    We rode into Athens to Tuesday's Gone, the original, about a year before the Garage Inc version was released.

  2. Sonny the mechanic was from South Africa. Erick recorded the message we left him, I've got it on a random hard drive somewhere.

    I think the pictures your talking about are either with Jared or somewhere in the basement of Seth's.

  3. Thank you elaborating on this subject. Carpe Diem Baby was a new song, so nobody knew the old lady singing part at the end. So we got just metal guitar at the end. Metal. The snow storm we drove in was freaky scary. It was mid terms or something because we all had tests. I wanted to stay up for the drive so I ate 3 Vivarin. Don't ever do that. It may lead to a nervous break down, and it definitely causes hallucinations. An importand lesson from Haris about Phily: Don't look anybody in the eye.

  4. Case in point to Haris' lesson: When we were walking to the car after the concert, 2 guys were beating the shit out of each other. A cop drove up, watched for about 15 seconds, then sped away.

    About the vivarin, around Marietta sometime just after sun up, I swear I saw the Grateful Dead bears dancing across RT 50. Luckily the golden arches were close by and we could collect ourselves.

    The Rocky statue and Dr J statue outside the Spectrum were pretty metal also. (sorry, couldn't resist the pun)

    Wasn't the chic singing at the end of that song married to Mick Jagger for awhile?

    And you're unforgiven 69....