Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Madden 11

So Madden 2011 comes out August 10th. Due to the fact that video games generally overvalue star-power and undervalue stupidity, the Bengals may have one of the all-time best video game football teams. Consider the possibilities:
T.O. - quite possibly the best natural athlete in the NFL, with the maturity of a 4th grader.
Adam "Pacman" Jones - coined the term "make it rain".
Matt Jones - Another awesome athelete coming off a coke charge in Jacksonville. If he'd only stuck to Pepsi...
Cedric Benson - BUI with the Bears (Boating Under the Influence), and he recently clocked somebody at a bar in Texas.
Ocho Cinco - Motor mouth that puts up hall-of-fame numbers and pays tens of thousands of dollars in fines every year for excessive celebration.
Rey Mauluga - DUI last year in Northern Kentucky with two 17 year-old girls in the car.
Tank Johnson - History of gun charges, which begs the question - does a guy with the name Tank really need to carry weapons?


  1. So who's going to commit to an online league of Madden 2011?

    I say we pick a night or two during the week and schedule regular season games as neccissary. My understanding is they have an extensive web-based league system so we can manage the league and other crap via a web-page.

    Let's do it...

    Alex, Ed, Jim, Joe, Jared have ps3s... anyone else out there?

  2. I need to get my PS3 online connection set up - but I'd def be interested in an online league.

  3. Hope the madden curse doesn't hurt the Saints this year. They're a lot of fun to watch.

  4. Joe... what is this 1992? Give me a call tonight and I can help walk you through the options of getting your ps3 on the net.

    Do you have a wireless router for your laptop... i.e. do you have wifi in your house? Does your neighbor have wifi?