Monday, May 03, 2010

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More random links I've come across the past few weeks.

Sharing order of battle and plan maps using layer packages

ESRI is big in defense.  Take a look at how plans are drawn up and shared.  I find this analysis kinda funny and obviously simplified for basic demonstration purposes... check out the three giant arrows pointing to one clearly defined enemy line.  Reminds me of civil war battle summaries.

Planning Downtown with MSI Design - Part 1

MSI is a design company that I've worked with in the past.  They do good stuff and seem to be well connected to local communities around Central Ohio.  They've had a hand in a lot of Columbus's recent re-development, North Bank Park is a good example (where Brad & Kelly had their wedding reception).  Anyway, Columbus Underground has a three part interview with MSI who's been tasked as the project manager for the community input process of updating Columbus's Downtown strategic plan (everything is a public / private partnership these days).  It's nice that they're being relatively open with the process, or at least making an attempt.  If your interested in what's planned for Columbus's future check out the link.

In part II they discuss renovating Broad street... here's a quick quote.
"That’s when we found out that the average daily traffic on Broad Street has dropped over the past 10 years to where it’s now carrying as much traffic as Indianola at East North Broadway."
Needless to say they are considering removing lanes from Broad Street.  Do we really need 8 lanes for that much traffic?

Erick: Short answer... it's complicated.

The oil spill related to last week's rig explosion off Louisiana keeps getting bigger?  I'm not following it too closely... anyone know how it compares to the Exxon Valdez?
Here's a snapshot taken from a NASA satellite.

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