Tuesday, April 06, 2010

What do you do when you injure your knee?

You play Rockband, stupid.


  1. Awesome! Where were you?

  2. Crazy? Was he any good at rockband? I may have to repost this on facebook to steal your thunder / share the love. I had an oden siting at the lennox target last summer. I texted 10 people thinking I was super cool. Everyone repomded with their own random encounter, I didin't feel as cool anymore.

    Anyway, nothing compares to this picture. You've got to
    turn that into another t-shirt!!

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  4. The pic is taken from a season ticket holder meet-n-greet event at a huge bowling alley. I joked earlier that day about getting a pic of him playing rockband - then I totally did it!
    Should I even put my comments on the shirt about playing rockband when you hurt your knee? Speaking of shirts, his says "Word up. Stay Fresco"
    Spread it around. The guy next to me at work had his parked car bumped buy Oden's. So, Greg just gave him cash and asked if he wanted to hang out some time. HA! He's been at a few of the Buckeye alumni game watching gatherings. I think Erick, Nate and Joe have actually been to one of those here.