Sunday, April 11, 2010


Want to rock for three days straight? Favorites returning from 2008 include MGMT and The Black Keys. Some oldies but goodies include Soundgarden, Greenday, and Devo. Drive By Truckers are a newer favorite of mine. For anyone looking to convince a significant other, Lady Gaga won't hurt your cause and if you're bringing glow sticks, Lance Herbstrong is one of many DJs spinning at Perry's. As always, there is an open invitation to couch surf at our place.


  1. the headliners are really really cool for 1995, but there are about 10 other bands on there that are worth seeing. I've seen a few of them. The ladies (and gents) should love Dirty Projectors, Erika Badu, Metric, Edward Sharpe, Chomeo and MGMT.
    Spoon, Black Keys and Wolfmother are solid too. I just watched a documentary on Gogol Bordello. They aren't easily described with words, but its like if Bill the Butcher had a punk band

  2. Anonymous2:04 AM

    There is about 3 decent bands on that list. Maybe... Granted, the name "Lance Herbstrong" is high-larious.

  3. As a huge strokes fan I'm glad to see them on the line up. Their supposed to be in the studio right now working on their fourth album which should hit the market late summer... I'm excited.

    Also Jimmy Cliff is playing... he's a living legend.

    The best thing about going to these festival type shows though is discovering new bands.

  4. oooooh just noticed spoon, phoenix, and cypress hill... if I was 21 I'd be there in a heartbeat.