Monday, March 29, 2010

The Superficial - Because You're Ugly

I'm not usually a person who's big into following celebrity gossip.  Whenever I pick up an issue of People magazine I always re-name it "White People"ala Chris Rock.

Anyway, there's a new celeb-gossip site in town and it's a must read.  Whoever is running the site knows how to attract readers.  Rather than post a million posts, they'll drop a few posts a day and sprinkle in a ton of links.  Also it doesn't hurt that they tend to focus on nip-slips and bikini shots.  Also the commentary is snarky as hell and hilarious.  Here's a re-post of a recent Lohan sighting... this is amazing!!!!

Lindsay Lohan is having an awesome week

Here's Lindsay Lohan leaving a house party Saturday night while her feet are enveloped in coke like she's Pigpen from the goddamn Peanuts. I know I shouldn't be as amazed by these pics as I am, but to put things in perspective, this is up there with finally seeing Britney Spears dip her kids in ranch dressing. You know it's happening, but you just assume there's a team of publicists covering it up. Like that secret cabin where Tom Cruise keeps all those figure skaters.

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  1. Pulitzer prize material stuff(your post that is.) Ranch and figure skaters???!?!? HAHAHHAH! It looks like she also forgot to put her clothes on too. Straight-up-hooker. I don't know too much about cocaine, but doesn't it go in your face and not your feet?