Sunday, March 21, 2010

Feed Files

Here's another smattering of links, articles, highlights from stuff I've seen across the web for the past couple of weeks.  Enjoy!!!

Rumor has it Ford's Crown Victoria will be retired next year! A special version of the Taurus will be unveiled next year to serve as a replacement.   Here's an autoblog link to a comparison of the next generation cop cars.

Super size me:
According to the Daily Mail This Woman wants to double her weight. Sound familiar!?!?!  Apparently she's able to fund her food habit by people who pay to watch her eat.  Here's a free sample... just a taste.

Apparently the World's Fair is now the World Expo and has been going strong for a while.  This year the expo is in Shanghai.  The Boston Globe's Big Picture has some amazing images of futuristic "world" architecture.  The Big Picture has tons of other cool pics from the Olympics to the earthquakes in Hati & Chile... very cool stuff.

The Short North Gets NYT travel section love.  The Gallery hop and Jeni's Ice Cream get the majority of the coverage.


  1. Is that hoopdie going to be in the next transformer movie? They didn't mention that it uses their eco-boost technology. I think it does. That would be nice to save some tax dollars on fuel. The AWD seems pretty smart too if you wanna drive up walls-n-junk. Audi has a new TDI wagon that's been known to get in the upper 40s for MPG. That's more my style.

  2. That woman reminds me of this Stewie Griffin Classic