Sunday, January 24, 2010

Old Apple stays good

As the geeks amongst you know it's strongly rumoured that Apple are to release a tablet pc, possibly named the iSlate, which would basically be a larger iPhone. However, what you probably don't know is that they've been considering it since 1986....The image below is from a design firm, Frog Design, CLAIMING (I think it's a fake!) to be a design for such a product they mocked up for Apple in 1986:

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  1. This seems similar to what people want / expect based off the rumors I've been reading, just way more 80s.

    I think this Wednesday we'll all find out what the apple tablet is all about. I'll be sure to refresh the engadget live blog at least 5 times.

  2. Today is the day!!!! 1:00pm EST.

    Am I turning into an apple fanboy?

    Short answer: No.

    Long answer: I like cool stuff that looks nice and works nice.