Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Official Hotdog of The Phillies...and OPR cook logos.

Many have asked where the logo from my OPR apron and shirt came from. This is the company. They are the stadium dog for the Phillies, and built them a hotdog launcher that will shoot a weiner 200+ feet.

I would love to have their products at the OPR but like the Coors of yesteryear, they don't sell in Columbus.

I got a call from Big and little Enos. There has been a wager, and I accepted. I need a blocker in a fast black car and I'm taking applications! Jim was the obvious first choice for the job, but backed out when I mentioned painting a Screamin' Chicken on the hood and cutting some T-tops out with my sawzall.

East bound and down...!!!


  1. I want that dude's job in the upper right? Easy money!

  2. For real!!! How much tolerance do you need when your talking about scraps of meat that you encase with poo!?!? I guess every fraction of a frank adds up to $$$