Friday, December 04, 2009

Battle of the *ucks

Happy Friday! There isn't much else I can say on the OSU vs UO Rosebowl game that you cant read in a million other blogs out there. I will say the things that I have said that are now being repeated.

Oregon is pretty good, but plays in a conference that doesn't believe in defence. They are more focused on being well built track athletes. In the Pac-10 that's a pretty winning strategy. In the Big 10, you get your legs broke if we think you're too fast.

Ohio State will win like they always do; by taking the opponent's offensive points away from them and chalking up some defensive points.

Their QB (Masoli: 5-11/214lbs)isn't special in our world. In fact, we've got one just like him, except he's bigger and will take a hit(6-6/235lbs).

There's more to say, so lets here it...

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  1. Looks like a good game on paper. I wish OSU had as fluid and as interesting an offense as Oregon. Tressel needs to loosen his sweater vest and hire Oregon's coordinator or at least steal their playbook.

    The Gran-daddy of them all should be exciting.