Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Streaming Netflix on PS3

I just got this email from Netflix. Its letting me know my Netflix streaming DVD is on its way. I'll just pop this into the PS3 any time I want to stream Netflix to the TV. Sony lost the video tape battle when it invented Beta Max. It won the HDDVD vs Blueray battle and I guess its calling a truce on the streaming video battle now. Did you know this Sony has had a touchscreen smartphone out for almost 2 years? I think I'll call Sony the Ford of the technology industry - Not the best and not the worst.


  1. I might have to get a netflix account. The Library has jacked up their fines to $1.50 a day on overdue DVDs. Essentially the last couple of weeks I could have paid for a netflix subscription by now.

    Let me know how well it works. Also have you heard their going to add facebook connect to the PS3? Not sure if I want to advertise my gaming history to everyone... although could be nice to add more ps3 friends... if I ever play socom again.

  2. Here's an update. Its freaking awesome! You can sit at your computer and build a queue of movies you want to stream. When you put the disc in the PS3 your queue comes up and you can pick what you want to watch. Its like on-demand, but only a list of things you want to see. Showtime shows are in there, so I loaded it up with weeds and californication. Network shows are there too as well as tons of movies. You can browse directly from it too, so you don't have to use the internets if you dont want to. Now...if netflix could stream on iPhone, my life would be complete.