Wednesday, November 04, 2009

New Website

Click on this link to check out my new website. My SEO (search engine optimization) is still really low so it barely shows up on a google search - thus I could use some charity traffic to increase my hits. Be sure to check out the dude locked up on my criminal page. He is everyman.

It was designed by Aaron Sulser. He can help anyone set up their own website for just a few hundred dollars. The program it is run through (Wordpress) allows for easy content editing. Nate - this could be a way to get your deer antler/dog bone business off the ground...


  1. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Now that everyone is starting up their own businesses, maybe the gtown love could have a "Gtown business links" sections?

  2. I like it. Erick - you think you could put a couple of extra links on the blog?

  3. The site looks awesome Joe! The antler idea fizzled in the market research stage, supply was good but demand was weak. Plus Finley didn't even really like them.

  4. Extra links added to the side bar...

    let me know if you'd like them titled differently?

    If anyone is interested in sharing calendar dates... there's a gtownlove group on
    We can share links to the blog via I haven't created a group but that's pretty easy to do.

  5. Thanks Erick - could you also put up a link for Aaron's web site design company - the site is

  6. Anonymous3:14 PM

    E-rock, could you link my page to "EnviroCare Pest Solutions"