Monday, October 12, 2009

Windows 7

Is it just good marketing and PR, or is Windows 7 actually going to be worth using? I visited the MS site for it last night and it seems like there are things in it that could be useful and not just "new". Actually, some of them didn't even seem new; they just were now being adopted to Windows. For example, Windows live(indexed) search replaces navigating your mouse through the maze of the Start menu.

Since I'm still running XP and it doesn't perform greatly, I was thinking of actually getting this, when it comes out in 2 weeks. They're cliaming improvements to performance and that is what actually what is drawing me in. It should only cost me 120 to upgrade. Does anyone have any input to share?


  1. I have not confirmed this myself but I have read in a place or 2 that upgradeing from XP will be a little more involved then from Vista. It might be a complete new install vs an straight upgrade. You may want to check that out proior to ponying up.

    Either way I know my company did not go to Vista but are planning on going to 7 when available so someone in our IT shop things it is better then XP.

  2. I've been using windows 7 in a virtual box off an on for the last couple of months. It runs fine and has a lot nice usability features... the new task bar rocks!! That said I'm just running different test environments on my mac so I'm not really using it like a home machine (i.e. I'm not plugging in cameras, thumb drives, printers etc).

    As with any OS upgrade backing up your data and drivers will be key.

    Here's a good article on the topic

    PC World: How to Upgrade to Windows 7

    According to the article when going from XP to 7 you must do a full re-install of the OS.

    And here it is straight from the horses mouth.... Microsoft has an upgrade advisor you can run on your machine to determine whether or not going to windows 7 is recommended. In general the XP to 7 thing is not recomended (they're just covering their asses and want to help PC manufacturers sell new hardware in my opinion).

    Here's a quote from the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Page:

    When the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor scan ends, it'll display your options for upgrading a PC you already have or recommend that you just go buy a new PC for the best Windows 7 experience.

    In general, if you are running a PC with Windows Vista and the Windows Upgrade Advisor says you can upgrade it, the transition to Windows 7 should be pretty smooth, although you may first need to update your Windows Vista system to the latest service pack. If you do decide to upgrade your PC, Windows 7 will be available for purchase October 22.

    On the other hand, if you're running Windows XP, or any other operating system for that matter, we recommend that you experience Windows 7 on a new PC. The Laptop Scout can help you find a great PC fit for you, or you can browse through these featured PCs that can run Windows 7.

    ...And while we don't recommend it, should you choose to upgrade your current PC from Windows XP or another operating system to Windows 7, we recommend that you get help with this process from your local computer service provider. You'll need to back up your current files and settings, perform a custom (clean) installation, and then reinstall your files, settings, and programs.

    I was getting ready to re-install my