Monday, October 05, 2009

Greece Pictures

Julie and I had an awesome time in Greece. We spent time in Athens and the islands of Crete and Santorini. The sights were cool in Athens, but the islands were our favorites. The beaches were nice on Crete and even better on Santorini with black, red or white volcanic sand depending upon which part of the island you were on. The food highlights included lots of greek salads with feta cheese, saganaki (fried cheese), tons of olives, chicken, pork, lamb and seafood (though less than you'd expect on an island). Drinks were mainly local red and white wines, Amstel (heavy, not light), Ouzo (barf), and Raki (double barf).
Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our wedding and make it so special. We had so much fun with all of you!
Finally a question for .nerd enthusiasts..... what is the best way to gather pictures from people who took them at the wedding? We have received a couple of CDs so far which seems to be working. We use Kodak Gallery and are not too keen on downloading a million different programs. Any ideas?


  1. The pictures are sweet!!! As far as organizing pictures your kodak gallery seems pretty cool.

    Personally I'm a big fan of flickr for online stuff... it was built just like youtube, for people to upload their pictures / videos to a central website for others to share.

    If you want a desktop application Picassa by google is great. Traci likes it better than iPhoto if that tells you anything.

    One of the nice thing about Picassa is it's integration with google's Picassa web albums... essentially you can publish your photos online for people to see.

    It's a nice program for quick edits and general organization of a ton of photos.

  2. Those pictures are great - Nate, you are a freaking GIANT! Don't tell me it's all camera tricks too!