Saturday, September 19, 2009

Web Updates

Here are a few links for stuff I've found interesting the past couple of weeks.

First is the new feature for "Blogger" in draft mode allows you to add "Read More Breaks" to your posts. So if you know you've got a lot to write and don't feel like taking up the entire home page with your ramblings you can add something like this...

Hmmm... wonder if anyone is still reading after the break... I guess we'll see if any comments are made. If this seems like a useful feature for you then check out the story and be sure to change your dashboard to the "Blogger in Draft" mode.

Here's another post from a yahoo sports blog writer who breaks down The grisly demise of 'Tressel Ball'

He has some good insights as far as I can tell. And judging from today's game against Toledo Tressel has taken some of his advice.

Sticking with football... did anyone see this headline NFL players promise brains to concussion research Kinda creepy if you ask me. This should have some interesting results in another 40 years.

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