Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Media Needia - the answer

Thanks to all of you who answered. Erick & Witten. Don't over-stretch yourselves here G-Town community. Anyhoo - I've answered my own question. I was torn between spending cash on my existing Media center PC (4 yrs old P4 1.6Hz, 1gb of slow-ass RAM, only one extra slot left, 250gb drive, XP MCE) or binning it and buying a spanky new Sony AW laptop.
I went to check those out and was pretty disappointed. They're big (but i knew that), powerful and apparently full HD. I watched a demo movie on it and was underwhelmed. Not only was the resolution not that great, it choked a few times and they have those feckin' annoying high-gloss screens that catch every light in the room.....

Instead, after talking to a mate, I'm going to sell my home PC (to him, who works building PCs and will recycle it's various components to good homes) and get one an ASUS EeeBox PC EB1012 to cater for all my media needs. I'll obviously wait to buy it in the US and couple it with an HD monitor like this.


  1. Great idea. This is kinda what I was talking about with the netbook. Dell has crazy cheap deals on monitors as well and they're very reliable. If you get an asus monitor you should also be able to get a little clip or stand for the eee-box that will keep it hidden from view.

    If your going to do the home theater thing you should wait till the one with the good video card is released.

    I ended up getting this networked hard disk which streams media to the PS3 Iomega network drive... the only problem I have now is formats!!!! Seems like a bunch of the DVD / TV shows I've ripped aren't supported on the PS3... the devil's in the details. I may have to re-convert a bunch of video files but anywhoo... the ps3 is my set-top box and my laptop is the media creator / catcher.

  2. does that Iomega support HTTP or FTP usage? If so I'd be interested in how easy it is to set up. I thought about getting something similar in order to allow my folks back home the ability to get their hands on photos etc.....