Monday, August 31, 2009

Swingle / Snow Wedding - Oregon 2009


  1. That is pretty awesome Erick. At about the 4:37 mark, what's going on behind Todd?


  2. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Wow! This is awesome!!!! Nice work Erick - Ali

  3. Not sure what's happening @ 4:37... there was either a UFO siting or the guy's Acid just kicked in the hyper visuals. Ali / Jared... do you recognize the man in question?

    The one thing that was missing was pictures from the ceremony. I should have given the camera to Traci, but I forgot and it stayed in my pocket. Have your professional pictures been posted yet? I'm sure I'll get an update on Facebook.

  4. Dude! that ruled! Thanks for hookin that up. I wonder why professional photographers still exist in this day and age. That's the main thing you can do without at a wedding. There have been hundreds of pics already posted. That guy in question is Ali's Uncle. I hung out with him last week end in New Orleans. He's a riot. He, like just about everyone else in her family is just about to perform some stunt or just got finished with one. That would be just an example.

  5. I was just kidding about the uncle... it did make for a funny picture though.

    This was all done in iMovie. I've been dicking around with it for a bit and this was sort of the first real experience. Once you get the hang of it you can do this sort of thing pretty quickly.

  6. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Ha ha! Nice comment about the family, Jared. But so true, you did just spent the most random, insane weekend with them..... Bumper cars with parade floats, taking rides from strangers as long as you promise not to speak, and cousins acting like mad cats while water being sprayed on them and eventually ending up in small dog cages. Erick - you missed out!!! LOL

  7. Anonymous10:52 PM

    guess my brother and fiona didn't make the cut