Thursday, August 20, 2009


So it's that time of the year again. When the Reds and Indians are fully out of contention, and we start thinkin' bout football. When we have a clean slate and I buy into all of the preseason propaganda. Hear me now and beleive me later, but the Bengals are going to be good this year.
Their offense should be alright. Carson Palmer is slow and their O-Line is not experienced, but they have several bright spots. Cedric Benson and Chris Henry are both apparently off the sauce, and looking impressive thus far. Ochocinco has returned to his idiotic, but positive, attitude and his skills are unquestionably superb. But their 3rd string quarterback (Carson's younger brother Jordan) is probably the worst quarterback I've ever seen play pro football.
The defense really has a chance to be great this year. Ed, save your breath, no need for a hater statement. The defensive coordinator, Mike Zimmer, in his 2nd year with Cinci, has a history of good defenses. They picked up some good free agents in former pro-bowler Roy Williams, and Tank Johsnon (picured below).
Tank is out of the joint so I guess his attorney did a better job on his gun case than Plaxico's. The Bengals have experince and skill at each defensive position. Their corners, Joseph and Hall are both first round picks at the peak of their careers. Their linemen include Geathers, Peko, Odom and Johnson. At linebacker they've got Jeanty, Rivers, Jones and Mauluga. Their safetys are Crocker, Williams and Ndukwe.

I want Cinci to beat Pittsburg sooo bad this year. Almost as bad as I want the Bucks to beat USC. Almost. If anyone wants to go to a game this year, holla at me.


  1. Love the picture! Who's going to win more games this year... Browns or Bengals?

    Favorite part about football season... Fantasy Football draft party.

    Oh yea... I'm planning a Week Two NFL Rib smoking party at my house. I'll provide RIBs, two TVs, and a 15 month old, and some cooler space. The rest is up to everyone in the fantasy football league.

  2. Who is comish this year do we need to get that started soon?

  3. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Dear Joe,

    Please set down the crack pipe.

    You just said the Bengals D has a chance to be great... Kinda like the Browns have a chance to win the Super Bowl. Drink the Kool-Aid much?

    Dude, the Bengals D-fense is going to be in the bottom half any way you measure it. I predict: 6-10... at best.

    Chance to be great...



    The sane world